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December 1st

December 1, 2006

The first day of December. If you are familiar with the application process, then you know the significance of this date. December first is the day when most dental schools make their first offers to applicants for a place in their upcoming academic class.

One of the biggest questions in the forums and chat rooms on this date is “Did you hear anything from XYZ school?”

There’s an incredible amount of panic on this day, because applicants see postings from other eager candidates who have already received their notice. Anxiety increases as the hours go by.

But you shouldn’t panic. The time of day and delivery method can vary greatly from one school to another. In fact, they can even vary from within the same school! This is the date when the schools mail the invitations, but in the internet age, many will provide the notification via electronic mail. But they may send out their acceptance letters early in the day, prompting many who are waiting to hear to assume they are out of the running once they see that everyone has already received an email with the good news. However, that same school may send out other notices later in the day for students who are “wait listed”. Other schools may reverse this trend, sending out rejection letters early, giving some the false sense that they are going to get the invitation to attend, not thinking that they may be wait listed later in the day as well.

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